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Inspacco was founded in 2019 and is led by IIM Alumni and Armed Forces professionals to provide affordable improvement and maintenance services.

This is the first of its kind one-stop ServTech platform to support and upgrade a gated community ecosystem.
In addition to our expertise in uplifting service fulfillment ecosystems, we use technology to solve problems relating to fragmented, disaggregated, and non-tech savvy service providers.

We are a 40+ strong team headquartered in Pune.

Our Mission

To provide professional, reliable, and insured services that can be accessed at the convenience of the customers. Our goal is to empower service providers, both individuals and businesses in the property maintenance and improvement industry, by providing a full stack of technologies that increase productivity and ease operations.

Our Vision

Providing a superlative experience for our communities...!

Our Presence

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Inspacco Your Story
[Funding alert] Service tech startup Inspacco raises $200K in angel round

The startup will use the fresh capital for business, sales, and product development. It will also be used in tech hiring, said Sanket Nerkar, Founder and CEO of Inspacco.
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Inspacco Sakal
सोसायट्यांसाठी ‘वन स्टॉप सर्व्हिस’

सोसायटीचे कोणतेही देखभाल दुरुस्तीचे काम करायचे असेल, तर त्यासाठी योग्य व्यक्ती शोधणे हे पदाधिकाऱ्यांचे नियमितचे कामकाज. त्यासाठी त्यांना प्रत्येकवेळी विविध व्यक्तींकडे चौकशी करावी लागते. मिळालेला कारागीर नीट काम करेल की नाही? त्याने चांगले काम केले नाही तर काय? ही भीती त्यांच्या मनात कायम असते. त्यांची ही गैरसोय ‘इन्स्पॅको’ (inspacco) या स्टार्टअपने दूर केली आहे.
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Inspacco Your Story
Startups fight COVID-19: Pune-based Inspacco is providing disinfection services during the pandemic

Pune-based Inspacco is providing a solution to this problem. Founded in 2019 by IIM alumnus Sanket Nerkar and Paresh Kotkar, Inspacco is a service tech startup that helps in streamlining housing society operations.
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