Disinfectant Sanitizing Mats

  • Rubber tray mat with polypropylene inserts
  • Specially designed to decominate footwaer which are respoinsible for spreading the germs and virus
  • Fill the mat with disinfectant and dip the shoes before entering. The high quality bristles provide maximum effectiveness
  • Available in various sizes, depending on the usage

Product Information

Product Dimensions : 45cm X 60cm, 80cmX 95cm, thickness 3-5cm
Capacity of disinfectant holding : Upto 5 gallons of disinfectant liquid
Weight : upto 10kg
Resistant : Slip Resistant
In Stock
M.R.P. : 2500
Deal of the Day: 1000 to 3000

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Note*: Final price depends on the type of mat ordered

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up the disinfectant mat?

Place mat at the entrance on a smooth, level, stone-free surface Ensure that the mat is placed where there is a continuous direction of travel Pre-mix the disinfectant liquid to the required strength Pour liquid gently over the mat, a watering can is good for this Fill the mat until saturated and liquid appears when you put your foot lightly on the mat

How long does the product last?

We recommend replacing facility touch point skins every 90 days (quarterly). In some high traffic applications they may need to be replaced more often. Mats, mousepads and tissue box covers should be replaced annually. Nothing gets used up or expires, so the products' shelf life is virtually unlimited. Product life is dependent on actual physical wear.

What are the sizes in which mat is available?

There are two sizes of the Disinfection Mats available: 1. The Large Disinfection Mat is 80 by 85 cm and is 3 cm (1.2inches) deep. It will hold approximately 12 litres (2.65 gallons) of disinfectant solution. 2. The Mini Disinfection Mat is approximately 40 by 45 cm and is 2.5 cm (1 inch) deep. It will hold approximately 3.5 litres (0.9 gallons) of disinfectant solution.

How to clean and store the mats effectively?

Following steps should be followed: a. Roll up the mat to release excess liquid b. Dispose of contents safely and responsibly c. Place mat on edge and hose thoroughly, leave to drain, or hang on a rail to dry d. When not in use store in a dry area e. The effectiveness of your mat will diminish if left in a dirty state

What are the color variants available?

There are two types of colors available: Black and Yellow