PPE Kit includes:
  • Full body protecting Coverall body suit/gown with cap/Hood attached Made up in two colour i.e Medical blue/ white colour.
  • Shoe cover - Non woven Fabric same Fabric is used in gown / Coverall body suit.
  • Gloves - 1 pair.
  • Safety googles/Face Shield.
  • 2 Face masks (3 ply disposable face mask)
  • Bio-degredable Plastic Waste bag For disposable Of kit after use.
  • One surgical cap
  • Specialized clothing or equipment worn for protection against infectious materials
  • Easy to wear, can be used by all in factory, office, hospitals, outdoor spaces

Product Information

Disposability : Yes
Non-Woven PPE Kit : Yes
Colour : White
GSM : 95(75+20)
Minimum order quantity : 1
Packaging Details : Packed in LPDE Plastic Packings
In Stock
M.R.P. : 2200
Deal of the Day: 400 to 1800

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Note*: Final price depends on the type of kit ordered

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to wear PPE?

Gather all the necessary items of PPE beforehand. Perform hand hygiene using hand sanitize. Put on rubber boots or fluid resistant hoes and put on over shoes. Put on the face mask. Put on goggles or face shield. Put on gloves which should cover the cuff (wrist) of gown.

Will this fit someone who is 5'9?

Yes, its universal and will be fitted for 5'9".

How do manufacturers ensure personal protective equipment (PPE) is safe and effective?

To help ensure medical devices, including PPE are safe and effective, the FDA has established Quality Systems Regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices. Manufacturers are expected to use these regulations and practices to maintain consistent product quality and to guide performance testing to make sure that their products conform to recognized consensus standards.

Can I wash disposable PPE?

No, Disposable PPE is designed to be used only one time and by one person; it cannot be washed. Washing PPE changes its protective or barrier capabilities, and it may no longer be effective.

What are the color variants available?

There are two types of colors available: Blue and White